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Just a note to let you know that the Twister is everything you claim! I must admit I was very skeptical at first but it is awesome-have already been putting the hints in certain customers ears-we are going to try the Solar Sun Rings next!-  Keep up the wonderful inventive products-I love it when it does what they are supposed to do!

- Mike and Cindy Coleman/Coleman's Pools in El Cajon CA

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The best little device ever invented for "steering" a pool sweep system!
Not only is it reasonably priced, but it's small and super-effective. I have had a Pentair Kreepy Krauly system for about 30 years and since it would always get stuck in the corners, steps etc. I have had to use their "Thruster" at $200+ which often necessitated changing the "pinch valve" at additional expense. I finally found this Twister and from the minute I attached it to my pool sweep according to your great directions, it has worked unbelievably well. I have no idea how it operates and why it does what it does but the results are spectacular! Total coverage of my entire pool.
Just thought you needed to know this.
I'm a happy camper and am ordering an additional one as a spare!

- Peter Krause in Clearwater, FL

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My pool cleaner wouldn't leave the deep end of my pool and only traveled about a third of the way toward the shallow end. I was at my wits end. I tried everything and for a month and a half, was deliberating spending more money on another cleaner. When I went to my pool store, they told me about your product, Twister, which I figured for $60, I'll give it a try and bring it back if it didn't work. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GORGEOUS MY POOL IS!!!That little thing is great!

- Debby In Los Angeles, CA

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I have been the owner of a concrete swimming pool for the past 15 years. During that time, I have had automatic pool cleaners to vacuum my pool. Unfortunately these cleaners did not thoroughly clean the pool and were cleaning in a repetitive pattern and became stuck against steps and in corners. I carried out numerous adjustments to the hose and fittings but was unable to rectify this problem. I was spending more time hand vacuumming the pool than actually using the automatic cleaner.

In early December 2008, I purchased a Twister manufactured by your company. Since installing this equipment I have not had the problems that I previously experienced. This product performs as promised in the advertising material and related instructions. The cleaner now operates around the whole pool and does not become stuck against the steps or in the corners.

I would recommend the Twister to any in ground pool owner.

- Kerry Doherty in Toongabbie, Australia

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It is nice to know that there are companies like Solar Sun Rings who really do take customer service to heart.  I have been using my Twister in our pool for a few years after having trouble with the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Thruster.  Since installing the Twister my Kreepy Krauly has been performing properly.  However, I discovered that probably due to customer misuse, the spur gear in the Twister broke.  I contacted Solar Sun Rings to see if a replacement gear was available.  To my surprise, you sent me two gears and now my Twister is operating and I have a spare in case something happens again.

Thank you for your prompt service.

- Don S. in West Bloomfield, MI

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